With an enhanced ECU map available for a huge range of Euros, Off road and newer model petrol and diesel vehicles, AVA Performance will make your ride sing.

An increase in torque and horsepower in your vehicle will allow greater acceleration and higher top speeds resulting in more impressive track or lap times. Performance gains of up to 35% can be found in some vehicles with most vehicles achieving 15-25% at least. The map upgrades manage your fuel and ignition timings, rev and speed limits, boost settings and more to maximise performance in your pride and joy.

Towing & Efficiency

AVA’s touring and towing ECU tunes are designed to give your vehicle the full all round performance that it needs to suit a full array of driving situations. The main goal is to concentrate on your low to mid-range torque. By tuning your vehicle, we will be able to manage the direct relationship that exists between your torque, revs and fuel consumption. You burn more fuel at higher RPM, so by increasing your torque at lower RPM, your car will run much more efficiently. This is not only reflected by your fuel savings, but by a smoother acceleration throughout your rev range, and easier towing capabilities. Producing a higher torque figure at lower RPM will make your take offs when towing much smoother and easier!

Performance + Efficiency Combo

Improved performance isn’t just about going faster. AVA Performance’s well-rounded tunes will allow you to maintain fuel economy. An AVA ECU upgrade will allow improved acceleration as well as a smoother power delivery whilst maintaining drivability at all times. This means safer overtaking on the streets, more efficient towing capabilities, comfortable low end city drivability and faster times around a racetrack all in one easy install. A quality ECU upgrade manages your fuel and ignition timings, rev and speed limits, boost settings and more to make the most out of in your pride and joy and making it more cost effective at the same time.


Whilst all our tunes are customised to your specific individual vehicle, there are some specialist modifications that you may be interested in considering. These requirements can be discussed upon request and we will do what we can to assist.