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About AVA

Our emphasis is on getting the right software into your car as painlessly as possible.


We set out to establish a locally run yet far reaching tuning network to satisfy the specific needs of the country’s growing recreational (4WD’s, tow vehicles, motorbikes, euro import vehicles) & professional (Fleet, tradie) tuning market. We provide ECU re-mapping services and simply focus on this. We are not a parts retailer nor a modification firm. We have a dealer network that can provide these services and team up with workshops who have all the tools to be able to help our customers however our bread and butter is the software. We will make your car, more powerful, more efficient, better at towing, or modify a tune to your specific needs if required. Our emphasis is on getting the right software into your car as painlessly as possible.

The name of the company is taken from Jay’s daughter. This emphasises the ideology we have that this is a business set out to enable us to work hard but also do something fun with friends & family at the same time. The company is made up of Jay Gordon, his brother Dan, Ché Quaedvlieg & Alex Starkey. Jay, Ché and Alex went to school together and have always spent time talking about businesses and we have all run and currently run other businesses in various fields.

This is a business that we are all passionate about and by starting AVA we are able to give back a little of this passion to you all. We have differing views on what a car should be, however, the bottom line is simply – if it rolls, we want to make it roll faster. If it pulls, we want it to pull harder. If it’s fun, we want to make it more-so.


Our tuner, James O’Connor has been tuning for over 20 years all around the world and understands the difficulties in writing software and tuning vehicles with the local environmental challenges of tuning vehicles in Australia.


For all aftermarket tuning needs on your petrol or diesel vehicles.


The Team

AVA Team - Jay AVA Team - Jay AVA Team - Jay AVA Team - Jay
Jay Gordon
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Che Quadvlieg
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Dan Gordon
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Alex Starkey